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25000 €
Coral sculpture
Sell   Groove   Coral the size 0, 21x0, 20 cm, weight 1.20 kg (inheritance) price is not negocieaza.
10000 Lei
Rare stamps, letters, postcards
Sell old stamps and collections, rare letters and fioligrame callbacks.
8500 руб.
Buy poltinniki silver 5 pieces, 20 years
Sell silver coins of Russia. Perfect preservation. Practically free of scuffs. All coins clearly visible tattoo PL on the edge. 5 silver coins poltinniki.
8500 руб.
Five serberânnyh poltinnikov 20 \'s
Sell silver coins of Russia. Perfect state of preservation. Practically free of scuffs. All coins clearly visible tattoo legend at edge PL. 5-coin silver po...
Sell silver coins of russia
Sell silver coins of Russia. Security is very good. Practically free of scuffs. All coins clearly visible tattoo legend at edge PL. 5-coin silver poltinniki...
8500 руб.
Enlightenment in china
Pair of oil lamps in China, hand-painted. The lights are having more than 200 vintage years. Ttrattative linqua italiana. .
Bare copper cables available
Et de fournir actuellement Ont r é guli è rement tous les mois et les é de cuivre d chets. Type: nue â é c tallique ble m pro...
1200 €
Ancient massive stone buddha head - asia
very old stone massive Buddha head - Asia size 29cm x 17cm x 22cm weight 7kgs600.
450 €
Thailand handmade wooden statue for sale
1 - Kong Ming: Size: H 60cm x W 14cm Wood: Rose wood 2 - Fú Lù Shòu: Size: H 60cm x W 28cm Kong Ming price: before 28,000 baht. Now clearan...
7500 ฿
Stamp collections
Sell   Germany stamps old letters and many rarities and typographical error.
1 Lei
Germany old stamps
Sell rare stamps, old letters, Germany filigrame reverse   reverse stamped China with colony attestation is unicum.
25000 €
Old stamps, letters, postcards
Sell stamps, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, USA.
500 €
Rare stamps
Sell rare stamps only those knowledge in the field (Michel-Katalog steht die Marke (MiNr. 152 gestempelt mit 50 Y). 000 euros. ).
25000 €
Keramik vase
your fur Grosselten, geschnitzt bilder.
200 €
Sell your furniture
Furniture Walnut solid wood cherry and scluptata.   composed of 2 bodies with Crystal mirrors, oval   table and 3 chairs. The age of the furniture is...
4500 Lei
 buy-antiques/antiques/works of art for cash-quick contact!
OPR Ó ŻNIASZ apartment, YOU are DECOMMISSIONING the COLLECTIONS, antiques DON'T FIT into the NEW design, YOU are SELLING with the REASON Ó in ...
15000 zł
50 €
Antique magerart
We buy on a fee: paintings, icons, statuettes, decorative items made of silver, bronze, porcelain, glass, wood, ceramics, furniture, books and old documents, ma...
100 Lei
Antiques-wrocław-buy for cash!
BUY ANTIQUES, among others.: buy Painting, among others.: old paintings oil paintings, pastels, watercolors, – graphics, sketches, drawings, icons –...
15000 zł
Buy indian decorative wall hanging tapestry by handicrunch
In India, there are different- different types of Wall Hangings and Tapestry to decorate your Home Designs, Interior and Decor. We have a new range of ethnic ...
25 $